I've become a creative team member and a freebie

Saturday, 30 August 2008

You probably already know but I made it on Vicki - A Work In Progress creative I love Vicki's work and I'm so please and excited. I can't wait to play with all her kits before every one else does.

And now for your freebie here are the skip coloured leather embellishments, which I thought I had already posted but I must have imagined it!



Thursday, 28 August 2008

I have another freebie for you! It's a jump add-on I was not overly happy with these one's but I'm letting you have them any way.
Click the image to download.

I would like to say thank you to Linda who left a comment on 4shared about the leather hearts. Why didn't I just think of that?! So as soon as I get the time I will do the leather hearts in run colours too.


Link Now Fixed

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Link for my run leather embellishments is now fixed. You can either download them HERE or click on the preview in the post below. Sorry every one.


Some Layouts And A New Addition To Our Little Family

Thursday, 21 August 2008

After Loosing every thing on my hard drive I was a bit disheartened because I lost a lot of my digi scrap kits that I had downloaded and a months worth of photos, which luckily wasn't too many. But now I am back on track and raring to go. So firstly I would like to show you two layouts that I have done.

For this layout I have used "The Great Outdoors" papers, "Summer Garden" and "The Great Outdoors" embellishments and "The Great Outdoors" Alpha all by Vicki A Work In Progress
Font-Turtle Club

For this layout I have also used kits by Vicki A Work In Progress. I used her "Earthtones" papers, "Fired Earth" and "Earthtones" embellishments and "Fired Earth" alpha

Secondly I would like to introduce my new little baby Sammy. he is about two and a half he's a bit of a pickle but he better behaved than my two boys at the moment. Unfortunately he does like to chew any thing plastic. he has also had my washing off the line a few times as well but luckily he has stopped that now. I've had him about a month and we already been through 4 baby bottles. My youngest son Alex likes milk in the morning and before bed but he has to have it in a baby bottle (I've tried all sorts of big boys cups but he won't drink his milk out of them) and if he leaves them lying around on the floor the dog picks them up and before you know it he's chewed it. Anyway here is a picture of him which was very difficult to get as he was very interested in the camera.

Isn't He cute!


Another Freebie

Here is another freebie for all you run, jump and skip add on fans.
I hope you like them, if you do don't forget to leave me some love.
Happy downloading


Just as you expected

Monday, 18 August 2008

Yes just as you expected I am offering the gellies in jump colours too.
I am also going reset my poll as well so get voting for the freebie of your choice.
Most of you so far see to want "something run skip and jump coloured "
So I am going to take that option away. But don't worry I am doing run, jump and skip add-ons any way you can just choose whether they are alphas, papers or embellishments.


Here is the start of the freebies!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Here is a freebie for you and as usual I do most freebies in run skip and jump. Although I have two boys and no girls I don't like to be biased.
Unfortunately I can not do the leather hearts in run because I lost the grey scale heart and ribbon that I downloaded free from someones blog and as I visit so many different blogs I can't remember which one.

So here are the skip gellies and watch out for the jump ones!


Great News

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Great news girlies (oh and guys if there are any that read my blog, I would love to know) thanks to Belle who told me about Saab's dynamo style I can now get on with my previews for my freebies. So watch this space.
A word of advice to every one out there make sure you reguarly back up your computer DO NOT learn the hard way!
Happy Digi Scrappin'.


I need some help!

Please, please please could you help me. I need some help from all you freebie hunters out there. I need to find a dynamo label style preferably free. I did have one but it was one of the many things I lost on my computer. I was using the style for my previews. I have one or too freebies waiting in the wings, so I would be very grateful if you could help, please just leave a comment or email at the address on the side of my blog. Oh and yes the freebies will be skip and jump add-ons.


I'm back and I have a freebie too!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Yeah I'm back, just! My computer is back up and running but I have lost every thing that I hadn't backed up. I am really gutted but I've learnt my lesson the hard way and I will be backing up more frequently from now on. Luckily I had already downloaded some things I had made on 4shared. So here are some freebies. I couldn't decide whether do this freebie in light and dark tones or in different colours, so I made both and thought I let you decide which one's you would like. Click the images to download.


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