True Blue add-on

Friday, 28 November 2008

Vicki kindly let me do an add-on for this kit and here it is.
Thank you Vicki
Click the image to download.
I so love these colours. Here is my layout I did with my add-on.

The colours just go so perfectly with the boys shirts.
This next one is a mix of Vicki's and my add-on.

If you haven't already be sure to check Vicki's blog for the "True Blue" kit and Sara's blog for her add-on to the kit as well.

Love Kim x


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Eila has pointed out something I was not aware of about 4shared, thank you for pointing it out. I wasn't complaining about lack of comments left for me, I was just generally commenting as what I see as a freebie hunter. Several of the freebies that I left comments for I left comments on their blogs as well and there was only a few other people that left comments on their blogs. there just seems that since 4shared has changed people just don't seem to bother leaving comments at all.
Thank you to all those who have left me love I really appreciate it.
If you don't wish to register with 4shared you an always leave some love anonymously on digi designers blogs or suggest a way that you would prefer.


A little rant about comments on 4shared

While downloading some freebies I noticed the lack of comments on 4shared. Are people put off by now having to log in to leave a comment? It doesn't take long to log in and leave some love. I think I can say for every one that we appreciate ALL the comments you leave even if it just a thank you. So take a little time to leave some love if you download a freebie.


True Blue I so love it!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Vicki kindly asked us what colours we would like a kit in and I chose monotone blues as I had photos that had a lot of blue in them and having boys blue is always a great colour to have a kit in. This is what Vicki came up with and I absolutely love it.
This is the layout I have done with it and I plan to do a few more with it.

This kit just goes so beautifully with this photo.
Thank you so much Vicki.
She has kindly let me do an add-on to this kit which I will be posting on Friday.
Click on the preview to go to Vicki's blog if you haven't just come from there.


First snow this winter

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Here in England in East Anglia it snowed yesterday and I thought I'd share a photo of my oldest son playing in the snow. No snow left today though.

This is the first snow this winter.


Vicki's latest kit

Monday, 17 November 2008

Here is my layout using Vicki's latest kit "Candy Dream" she has made for Mel.

Vicki's kits are always so versatile that I always manage to make a layout with them even if they girlie. Having two boys I don't get to scrap girlie layouts (so unfair!).

I have used a template by Moriginals.

Click on the preview to go to Vicki's blog to download the first part.

Also Sara of Sweet Blossom Designs (also on Vicki's CT) has a new kit "Surf's Up".

Click on the preview to go to Sara's blog.

Have a good week.

Love Kim x


Just some layouts

Sunday, 16 November 2008

First up I have a layout using my "Bath Time" kit.
I have used a template by Moriginals

Next is a layout using Vicki's kit "Merry Mistletoe" and Chere Nordstrand add-on for Scrap N' Art.

For this layout I have used Vicki's Scrap N Art friday freebie kit "Halloween Sream"

Next are to layouts I have done using Sara's (Sweet Blossom Designs) kit "Boys Club"

My two boys love their grandad (my dad) and when he comes round to do some diy or gardening for me they love to try and help out. Most things like drills, tools and lawnmowers that grandad uses they have a toy version of and they always trying to be like their grandad.
Hope you have had a good weekend.
Love Kim x


It's a freebie friday!

Friday, 14 November 2008

I made this scallop mat for a layout and I have decided to share it with you all and it can be used for commercial use.
Hope you all have a good weekend.
Love Kim x


Vicki and Sara's Collab

Monday, 10 November 2008

Vicki and Sara have joined up to do a collab and wow what a great kit is. It's called "Enchanted Forest". So go check out their blogs to download their first parts.

This is my layout using the kit and I had just the right photo's to go with it.

Love Kim x


Primary Alphas

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hi every one. Just a quick post as I'm just going out for dinner.
I couldn't decide what colour to do the alphas, so I have done them in all four colours.
They are in two parts
Love Kim x


Primary Elements

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Here they are as promised the primary elements. They are in two parts so you will have to click on both images to get both parts.

I'm off to watch fireworks tonight. Enjoy the rest of your week end. I'll be back tomorrow with the alpha's.
Love Kim x


It's Finally Here

Friday, 7 November 2008

It took a while but I finally I have the freebie I promised you.
It's called "Primary" I'm sure you can see why. It's a very colourful playful kit. I hope you like it.
So here is the first part the papers. Click the image to download.

I will be back tomorrow with the elements. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Love Kim x


Vicki New Collab

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I sure most of have already check out Vicki's new collab kit called "Festivity" with Linda(Bon Scrapatit).
Let the festivity begin and go check it out.

I was hoping to have a freebie for you but I am having trouble uploading.

Love Kim x


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